Digital ecosystems for getting famous

Naturally people search for painkillers, money and timesavers, smarter solutions. We host six of them with unlimited upgrading experiences

Brand Lover

Amaze audiences with more aha moments.

Online active stories : Brands and products in three to nine words.
Personal branding perfectly styled and ultra personalized.
Brandless branding extends brand authority.
Loyalty tools that ultra connect to customers, followers with persoanl values.
Branded names make famous beyond your industry and niche.
Brand authority tools with long term effects.
Industry leading keywords that claim your territory.
Brand neutrality qualify to gain more influence.

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Precision Marketing

Manage large audiences ultra personal.

40% greater reach via five global channels.
Double involve audiences truly personal and personalized.
Guide audiences on intuition level.
Value starter Let´s manufacture value streams.
Sticky services boost customer loyalty.
Neuro-logical communication the way people think, talk and act.

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Local, regional, international, maybe global is your playground.

Global tools : Reach 98% of the world population with just a single move.
Geo-location : When online names help audiences and for new customers.
International platform : Invoice everywhere, inclusive VAT.
Borderless delivery make partners global players.
Talking online addresses instantly lead the right way.

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Meeting Needs

Solution heroes guide what to type/tap/say/scan.

3-12 words are sufficient to express everything necessary.
Identity in the hands of their owners as a business.
Accessibility in digital worlds empowers people.
Privacy aaS made easy in an expropriating world.
Names for life are self-assigned identities for everyone.
Direct money for marketing, CRM and NPOs.
Digital gap bridged : Xtr names work online and offline.
Cross-platform ability provides extreme reach.
Additional income for everyone with virtual property and online identities.

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Social Relevance

Close the gap between you and your audiences.

Matchmaker with benefits : Get paid for manufacturing connections.
All aspects of life as part of your portfolio.
Identity tools help people to control their digital way.
Intuivity triggered by brain-friendly communications.
100% Exclusivity and ultimate uniqueness for everyone.
Neuro-active decision helper : Ultra short names are perceived as pictures.
Social reach booster for any platform and online device, plus print.

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Digtial Assets

Value production for people and business.

Trading with exclusivity for everyone.
Upvalue luxury with the perfecting digital settings.
Digital identity for everyone that works offline too.
Marketing as profit center : Change old rules for better ones.
Thousands use your brand name and you get paid for it.
Make searchers love you for being clearly visible and accessible.
Very important assets get extra paid and monetized.
Name anything as "your" events, products, places, art ...
Virtual property for the masses in 90 seconds.
Promote wealth via vipvia.co.

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Digital ecosystems

Names for getting famous, digital setups that boost social reach and visibility on the internet and in the metaverse.
This is the impact Xtr provides for all participants: Users, marketing and providers.


Xtr makes any business a digital assets provider. How? Our earning digital assets ecosystem provides: Assets production | Assets Operations System | Delivering apps | Shop & Trading platform | Check out & Fulfillment | International invoicing | CRM & Support team | Complementary VAS. Designed as a white label one-stop shop business partners just need to sell. The all inclusive platform service handles the rest. A single asset has more than fifty billable functions and features and can be multiplied into the hundreds and thousands. | You are a system house, a digital consultant? Join in selling digital ecosystems for getting famous. |The Make Xtr Big program makes partners earning 65% and more as profitsharing and up to 15% bringing in new platform clients and partners. Yes, we are eXTReme and are on our way to set a new gold standard in communications.


Xtr solutions cover the top3 of the Maslow Pyramid: Identity | Esteem | Love. Our Talking Names deliver identity, personal branding, self-created online addresses. Esteem: Such names make online citizens unique and exclusive in both the online and offline worlds. Love: The integrated connect engine provides direct secure communictions between 7B+ people, it brings closer together families, friends and partners. | The VIP Pac supplies famous personalities, influencers, experts and leaders to monetize their audiences via chat, calls, broadcasts, video meetings. | The VIA Pac (very important assets and art) makes high value assets even more valuable. | Why don´t you promote the Eiffeltower in Paris your vrey own way? Why dont´s you give your Audi RS0 it´s onw online name plus web site in a single move? | Let your yacht and chalet shine with their own names and presentations?