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Healthy lifestyles

This Xtr portal for inner and outer health supports you and your lifestyle, and thus finding your individual style. Being fit and vital is good for body and soul. However, health nowadays is both: Difficult and rich at the same time. Difficult because the choice is so huge and so many want to earn money from our weaknesses. Easy, because plentyful help is available. Nowadays we can buy wellness services and well-being products from all five continents. This leads us to the question: What's really good for me? Due to the hectic zeitgeist - with too little real relaxation on a daily basis - there are increasing weaknesses that we permit. We allow stress and improper nutrition. Well, most of us know that already. This leaves us to the question: How can we integrate effecitive healthstrategies into our daily lifes of our family, friends and guests? The preventive organic whole-food trend is established. But what about health products that are not natural? Which health products actually make unhealthy? And how much “healthy” is truly healthy?
Doctors, experts and coaches have a platform here and the editorial team keeps an eagle eye of the who and how to optimize our healthy paths.

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Health for shopping and doing

A golden standard is: Prevention is better than repair. So you can do many basics yourself. Even after operations, hospital stays and therapies, everything is seldom in top shape again. Click here for your fitness connection to physiotherapy, and here for your diet change . There's even health as give away here. In addition: Our hints, tips and contacts will help you with your lifestyle. Balanced? Extreme? Or do you want to get out of inefficient conventions? Stressed mothers sometimes need the same nutrition as athletes, sometimes even more, a wellness cure. The healthy growth of children requires very different recipes than vital seniors. On the other hand, organic, i.e. free from pesticides and insecticides, is attractive to everyone. By the way: Free tips and links are selected offers for what you can do yourself - free of charge.

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Inspirations, experiences around healthy & fit

You want to get out of the old, which feels familiar but doesn't really help you? Here you experience health differently: you find healthy people and their stories that expand your horizons and even your competence. Some do it out of the joy of being able to share, others have tailored therapies and instructions. The goal remains: You should feel more comfortable with yourself. Because a sick and sad mind has been shown to cause a sick body and vice versa. New scientific findings even believe that everything begins in our digestive system.

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Extreme or balanced for body and soul

As individual as you are, you will find support here for prevention and for building up your health after illness or overload. Everyone needs a balanced body balance and a balanced psyche. Everyone!
You don't have a lot of time? Ready-made products for nutrition, recovery and performance enhancement are available here: Ringana. Prepared so clean and pure that you can eat on-the-go without preservatives event better than astronautes. You want full control of ingredients and effects, and even prepare it yourself? From recipes to instructions, you will find sources, recipes, even personal contacts and events here .

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Professional health coaching

Healthy without surgery is always the first choice but not always possible. Anyone who has tendencies towards physical and psychological and emotional weaknesses should prevent them through the knowledge and experience of others. Let yourself be lifted into a whole new sense of wellbeing in a targeted and professional manner. It's cheaper and gives security: We want you in control of your life and not a victim of weaknesses. In some cases, preventive measures are covered by health insurances. If you want to offer your skills at Xtr: Health partner

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Health news and storyrooms

Fit and healthy is a grateful ever-green topic, as more and more precise findings are discovered. Our Twitter stream reduces the oversupply to relevant offers and facts. If you have any hints, send us the information here: Tips With the Xtr magazine, we publish door-opening stories, further documents and media. Maybe yours too. Authors are welcome, straightforward and authentic so that we can all benefit from a cooperative win-win.

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