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How can we assist you doing business with digital assets?

Talking Names

Digital tools for life, business and marketing.

Talking Names provide tradable digital assets for users and business.

Example Tomy-Cruise.Shows.Style
Talking Names is an earning digital ecosystem for clients and partners.
It´s online identity, virtual property, personal branding, digital homes for everyone and anything.

Users get fully equipped as autonomous member of the online community.

Autonomy in terms of It starts with the personal name, the unique online identity inclusive name page that expresses: "I am here! It´s me.".
This example shows the options what you get and can do.

Find the names and services you will love at our Xtr Market

Platform partners provide their shops under their brand.

Yes, it provides high profit margins plus 50+ billable items per digital asset.

TNs are designed for business with high income oportunities plus automated assets production, delivery, fulfillment and CRM.
All business oportunities Xtr Partner

Yes we do. Goto Business Partnerships

Name Pages | Homy

Automated mini websites for everyone.

Users usually order both: Their name plus the mini online page, which provides the content and functions users want to share to the world.

Come and see: tomy-cruise.shows.style : Similar to homes in the real world name pages deliver homes for the virtual world, inclusive interior. | Homy is for anyone who already has a domain name and would like to add Xtr powers to it.

A multifunctional online page to their names.

Name Pages show the information users have contributet to it. Name Pages are inclusive the names users have registered with us or a partner. They can be upgraded and equiped by the Connect Pac | Identity Pac | SEO Pac | VIP|VIA Pac and more.

Name Pages are a new way how people express themselves with ease.

Name pages are personal digital identities plus the services they choose. They are also a most unique online name card. Dozens of paid and inclusive services and automations make such pages the new standard of getting digital for everyone.

The specialty list has twelve and more topics.

For some it is their ultra personal communication center to be found, to connect and more. For others it is their getting loud platform, where they can express themselves with just their name. More others exclusively show what they own, like, sell, promote and share, each detail with its own item page. There are uncountable reasons and events to have Name Pages from Xtr.

Absolutely. Multiple times per asset and per user.

Each Name and Name Page has up to 50+ billable items. Each Name can be multiplied as well. The margins are extraordinary. Check the Xtr partnerships .

Private Assets

Personal digital identies, virtual properties and online names for everyone.

The product line for personal customers.

For users: 100% unique online names are similar to personal identity, a home address, but better. | Public Names offers products for business clients.

They are for everyone and anything, for events, places, pets and services.

Content is on it´s way ;)

Private Assets are personal digital assets with several possible uses, like identity, trading, personal branding, privacy, virtual ownership and more.

More Content is on it´s way ;)

Yes they can. Private Assets and Names can be treated and traded like property.

As Names for Life as they are 100% unique and offer great personal value to individuals, families, groups and businesses.
As virtual property one can build a business with it. Finally there are dozens of reasons why digital assets can be of great value and be monetized.

Public Assets

Famous and valuable names and virtual rooms of public interest.

Names of important and publicly known personalities, brands, organizations, places, events, products and things.

The value has several reasons: It is wanted = tradable. It is already famous with a public net worth. It upvalues existing value, like art, jewelry, NFTs, brands and famous products.

Anyone and any organization that wishes to take digital into their own hands. Especially the value streams.

Security, privacy, value chains, data ownership, marketing tools.. there are many reasons to deep control the digital part of organizations and its businesses. Xtr delivers the easyness to it.

Public Names create tradable values.

They serve several expectations: It upvalues existing brands, products and services. It also creates and manages new value streams.

Each asset
_ can be traded like property.
_ can be multiplied into the hundreds.
_ provides up to 50+ billable items.

Use cases: VIP|VIA names make money via paid communications with the famous. | Marketing turns from cost into profit centers. | Brands becoming ultra close to their audiences and are getting paid for it. | NGOs and NPOs turn donors into privileged happy donors. And so much more.

Marketing Names

Profit centers for agencies, CRM and ad management.

Marketing tools to get ultra personal, to earn and to boost reach.

Marketing agencies and departmens gain a new and paid tool set to support clients. | Public clients can activate the Marketing Pac.

Definitely the Global 500, any brand and organization with larger audiences.

Content is on it´s way ;)

They bridge the gap between brands and followers, between products and customers and help to win more audience.

Content is on it´s way ;)

Marketing Names are a set of digital tools and services that: Users pay for | Boost social reach | Build brand authority | Build sticky relationships.

Content is on it´s way ;)

Xtr Partnerships

All business opportunities.

We offer six+ partnership models:
Rental | Serviced Platform | Full Platform | XPartner | Domain owners | Customers

Rental : You resell Talking Names and domains under your own name at your own shops.
Serviced : You just want to sell. Xtr handles the rest under your name.
Full : You have products and significant audience you want to upvalue.
XPartner : You have contacts you want to sell the Xtr portfolio to.
Domain owners : You have unused domain names we can help you monetizing.
Customers : Tick the TRADE button and you can sell and auction names you have registered with us.
Bottom line is : We have high margin products and services for everyone and involve everyone who helps selling.

Xtr provides platforms as: Serviced and Full platform and for XPartners

Serviced : One-stop shop style platform service with focus on sales while Xtr handles the rest under the partners brand (White Label). Perfect for Start-Ups, stand-alone businesses, SME´s. Best choice for sales organisations, marketing and similar.
Full : Adds the Xtr portfolio to brands and products. Xtr docks with an existing infrastructure via API´s, SDK´s and helps making the partner great.
XPartner are independent agents that make Xtr great by selling services under Xtr.

They are independent partners selling the Xtr portfolio.

You have direct and/or indirect access to huge audiences? You are a brand or industry supplier?
Earn up to 65% of the retail profit (B2C) and up to 15% of project sales (B2B).

Creative partnerships are our speciality. Tell us what you have in mind.

Set up an informal and confidential call to sort out the options.

Buy Assets

Purchase names, digital identities, virtual properties and more.

Pick the domain name you like and follow the check-out process.

You will receive the transfer code directly or via a trustee service. | Note: Talking Names cannot be transfered but leased on a long term basis.

Yes, you do! The transfer code (Auth-Code) will be transfered after the agreed amount was fully paid.

After the Auth-Code is transfered the deal is closed. You now fully control your new name.

You can pay to our bank account.

In case escrow/trustee service is involved, fees are on you.

Yes, this is the place where you can find any publicly available name.

Xtr provides both, Talking Names and any domain name available at domain registrars and other name providing services.

At Xtr you can find: Talking Names | All Names

Talking Names     gives you 100% personal and unique names under your control.
All names     gives you the best options to find any other domain name.

Rent & Lease Assets

Getting names, digital identities, virtual properties and more.

Talking Names can only be leased and rented.
Low entry costs for high value domain names.

Not all digital assets can be transfered to other platforms and servers. | Not each name can be purchased, but Xtr delivers optional ways to find and get the names and assets.

No strings attached vs less monthly payments for long term users.

Rental gives names on a weekly and monthly prepaid basis.
Leasing gives names from 12 months on, payable on a monthly basis or annually, with and without buy option.

Users fund the online account and pick the name they like.

Registration of an online account takes about 90 seconds. Once the name is found, created and paid it is a matter of moments for being live and visible.

Users find name/s, fund their online account and are good to go.

Talking Names: Tick LEASE plus MONTHLY or ANNUALLY and start with the first payment.
Domain names: Tick the BUY option if you wish to buy the name/s after 12/24/36/.. months.

They can do more than traditional domain names.

The have an automated Name Page, provide function pacs and more, hosting is included. Or
The users set redirect links to any web site, application, social media account or internet function. No coding or technical knowledge is required.

It depends on the plan a customer has picked.

Xtr offers four plans for private users, four plans for public clients and three for marketing organisations.

Renters can use the name/s as short as they want.
Leasers can choose from 12 months on and have a buy option.

All names and assets remain active as long as the accounts are funded.

Sell & Trade Assets

Selling names, digital identity, virtual property and more.

Yes, you can. Become a Xtr Partner

You are a:
Domain investor, broker : XPartners make Xtr great or Rental Partners sell under their own brand.
Marketing and advertisement agency and CRM : Serviced Platform Partners stay focused on sales.
Brand, have famous products and large audiences : Full Platform Partners integrate the Xtr services.
Domain seller, registrar, ISP, telecom : As Platform Partner we help your brand shine even brighter.
Domain owner : Talking Names is the tool to seriously monetize unused domain names.
Customer : Trade names you have registered with us.

Click/tap the TRADE button in your account.

Or during the registration process. Than follow the form for setting up your trading account.

Yes you can, as Rental Partner

Payments & Billing

You can pay in USD & EUR.

Each currency has its own account number.

Business clients: Invoice w/o VAT.
End users: Invoice shows VAT.

Xtr billing address for clients and partners is Hong Kong. | Invoices to end users show the clients address.

Each user transaction results in an automated invoice filed in the users online account. The invoice shows the clients address and logo.
Clients and business partners will get invoices from a Hong Kong Limited.

Business partners will get a pro forma invoice before if required.

Fulfillment in terms of shop, payment, delivery, invoicing is an integral part of the Xtr platforms.

The Assets Operations System (AOS) relieves clients and partners with automated invoicing into the users inbox.

Service Description & Definitions

This is the Xtr way delivering digital assets.

Name, names, Talking Names are digital assets manufactured by the AOS (Assets Operations System).

Mostly based on the internets DNS, ordered and registered at accredited domain name registrars, email addresses, phone numbers, identities for SMS texting, messaging, sharing, VoIP and mobile calls. They can be used on all online devices, work on all digital platforms and are brand neutral. more

Xtr (soxtr.com, xtr.so and services) is a spin-off of the Network Service Holdings HK Limited.

It is also the name of several B2C, B2B2C and B2B products around the digital.

TNs are
Digital products for end users and an
Earning ecosystem for business partners.

Talking Names are manufactured, delivered and controlled by the AOS (Assets Operations System ).

Online homes with Xtr power for everyone and anything.

Automated and affordable online pages for the internet and the metavers: Homy
For domain owners that want the Xtr power for their online names.

A single asset can be multiplied and sold multiple times.

Xtr´s AOS makes digital assets like Names and Name Pages even more valuable through duplication and by adding 50+ billable functions to it.

Xtr manufactures tradable digital assets.

The AOS controls the entire value chains during its life cycles. Therefore Xtr partners own the value streams they have started on a life time basis.

The digital assets we provide are:

Talking Names, Homy, domain names we own, communication services we generate, platform services we provide, software applications we develop. They service industries like: Identity, virtual property, online security and privacy, connectivity, marketing, branding, NFTs and art, digital localization.

The heart of Xtr services.

The AOS performs multiple tasks: Assets production | Name and Name Pages creation | VAS integration | Assets life cycle control | Sales and delivery processing | Fulfillment and invoicing | CRM and support ticketing | Apps control and communications | Shop and trading platform management and more.
For users: They get everything digital streamlined from a single source. For clients: They win a one-stop shop system for their brand and products. For partners: They get an earning and comprehensive ecosystem that controls each value stream from start to the end.