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Our online checkout accepts wire transfers and all major credit cards.

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Rent Names

You can a) Lease purchase domain names & b) Rent sub domains.

Lease purchase helps to get your favourite names at very low initial costs.
Sub domain rental gives you a 100% individual name for the internet, for name cards as web address as long as you wish.

a) Affordable initial costs with full domain control.
b) Sub domains can only be rented.

You are a start up? Paying the entire amount for your super perfect and catchy domain name is not yet possible? Get your favourite name anyway.
You are looking for phrases even sentences great for humans and the internet alike? Sub domains are it! We own the domain name, you get the phrase and internet name that suites you best.

Sell Names

You are a domain seller? Get commissions!

You have potential buyers for names and name families? Let´s discuss the conditions.
We have published a minimum price already? Add your margin minus 15% and we have a deal.
Gain life time commissions on rental deals you bring in.
If you offer new and creative deal conditions we will be happy to partner.

Yes we do.

You want to integrate Xtr.Name? Let´s talk!

Yes you can.

Tell us how you want to participate and we will find a win-win agreement.


Everything else for your names.

Order web space to showcase your name, your pictures, privately store content, media, and more.

Get email addresses and email hosting too.

Add a web site and get covered from one pager to wordpress.

Drive business with your names and brands, we give you apps, web-shops and more.

Offer what your audience expect from you and let us deliver the perfect service package for your names, products and services.

Make your name a wow experience.

Get a supercharged digital platform inclusive new and direct income streams promoting only your brand.

Talking Names

Phrases as domain names.

It´s a phrase you would say to others, to Alexa & co. and also a domain (URL).

Example: henry.king.plays.football, grandma.mary.shares.love These short sentences are domain names at the same time. Imagine your name stands before "plays.football". Voila! It´s your internet name! Find all Talking Names

The name plus redirects and/or a one pager.

Check the example page so experience your options: Redirect to one of your social media accounts or any other domain name, eMail address (forwarding or hosted) and a growing number of services that make your name shine.

Check the prefered domain and add the words/names/phrase you like before this domain name.

Example: You like "shares.love". Just put your "grandma-angie." before and you will get: grandma-angie.shares.love. This term is a regular domain name for the internet.

Order the name you want.

In general you can order any name.
If the account is on the presentee you can use her/his details and change the payment details later.

Name Families

Claim your territory in the internet and beyond.

Show that you are extreme extra, beyond the usual, simply Xtr 

Three digits give the dynamic extra, appears brand neutral and has meaning in most languages.

Express that you have the next, that you are the Nxt 

Three digits show you are always ahead, express that your are from the future. More than 60+ nxt. endings wait for the next user.

Claim your territory: .luxe + .luxury + .luxo + luxe. 

Beyond normal is always powerful in marketing if combined with outstanding awesomeness, prime comfort and the good life.

Be first in mobile, media, motor, money, motion, medical, music, movie, moda, meeting, market, ... with M1. 

Powerful 2-digit and brand neutral name, for multi industry platforms & brand agencies.
Options included: m1.is, m1.world, mone.world, mobileoneworld.com and more.