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How can we assist you today finding names for life, digital assets and business you like?

Buy Names

Pick the name you like and follow the buy process.

You can purchase at Xtr or at one of our online market place partners. The transfer code will be sent directly or via a trustee service.

The transfer code (Auth-Code) will be transfered after the agreed amount was fully paid.

The Auth-Code is the legal transfer code for internet domain names. After the Auth-Code is transfered the deal is closed. You now fully own and control your new name. In case the name remains with the same registrar another transfer method may apply.

You can pay to our bank account.

In case you prefer other payment methods please feel free to ask. In case you wish to pay via an escrow/trustee service, fees are on you.

Yes, you can find any publicly available name you like.

Xtr is embedded in the domain name industry. Therefore you can have the dedicated Xtr.Name names, including services plus you can find any other domain name as well. How to: 1. Suggest the preferred domain name. 2. We check. If available and suitable we will 3. Set up the new name within 30 days. 4. As initiator of a new Xtr.Name you will certainly get a super bonus on your first order;)

Rent/Lease Names

a) Affordable initial costs plus full domain control.
b) Risk reduction for start-ups.
c) Subdomains can only be rented.

Low entry costs Paying the entire amount for your super perfect name is not yet possible? Get your favourite name anyway.
Subdomain rental is the only way owning interactive, SEO perfect and ultra-findable names.

No strings attached vs long term control plus lease buy option.

Name rental gives you names on a weekly and monthly prepaid basis. No contract.
Name leasing gives you names from 12 to 36 months at a fixed price payable monthly or annually, with and without buy option.

Find your name/s, fund your account and you are good to go.

Once you found your perfect name/s you register and fund your account. Inside your account you can redirect your new name to any web site, application, social media account or internet function of yours. Please check Legal to learn important tips for your redirects.
Your name is no longer needed? Nothing to do for you then. Without auto top-up your name gets automatically deactivated.

Find your name/s, fund your account and you are good to go.

Once you found your perfect name/s you register and fund your account monthly or anually.
Extra for top level domains (TLD): Tick the buy option if you wish to buy the name/s after 12/24/36 months.

Redirect to any web site, application, social media account or internet function.

Log in to your account and enter the redirect target. That´s it. No coding or technical knowledge required. Please check Legal to learn important tips for your redirects.
You need assistance to build a web site, to set up a social media account and build internet based applications? Please check the options we have prepared for business sales partners 

You can rent/lease as many names as you like as long as your account is funded.

You are an organisation providing more than ten users? Please contact Sales to get assistance and discounts.

Renters can use the name/s as long as they want.
Leasers can choose between 12/24/36 months and have even a buy option.

Renters have no contract. The name remains active as long as the account is funded.

Sell Names

Yes, you can. Lets join forces.

You are a domain investor, broker : Let´s talk about the conditions on a per case basis.
You are a marketing agency or registrar : Our agent agreement lets us join forces.
You are a customer Click/tap the button at the bottom of your account.
Earn one time commisions on one time deals and life time commissions on rental/leasing deals.

Let it flow! We can sell together on a one time basis or sign an agreement.

Most names have a web site. Some show a minimum price for sale and rent/lease.
You have new and innovative sales strategies? Let´s talk.

Yes we do.

Want to integrate Xtr.Name? Let´s talk!

Payments & Billing

You can pay in USD & EUR.

Ech currency has its own account number. Make sure you send the money to the proper currency account.

Business clients: Invoice without VAT.
End users: Invoice shows VAT.

Xtr billing address is Hongkong (from 2021/09 on).

Each user transaction results in an automated invoice.

Once the price is paid you will get a printabel invoice incl local VAT in your online account.
Business partners will get a pro forma invoice before if required.

Service Description & Definitions

This is our way delivering digital assets.

Name, names are domain names, based on the internets DNS, ordered and registered at accredited domain name registrars.

We sell/rent/lease fully qualified domain names, top level domains and subdomains hosted on our systems. A few or our partners we register names with: ISNIC, Godaddy, NameSilo, Alibaba, and more,, are a part of the Xtr project of the FNDR Limited (HK).

Xtr is also extra extreme bringing people and groups together via the internet but preferably in the real world.

Get names the way people think, talk and write/type Talking Names 

It´s a phrase you would say to others, to Alexa, Siri & co. and also a domain (URL). Example:, These short sentences are domain names at the same time. Imagine your name stands before "" or "" or "". Voila! It´s your internet name!

Get digital homes Homy 

Your address + home on the internet and for the metavers
Ultra easy and fast registration anf set-up. Ready for singles, families, groups, businesses, pets, things, services, places and events.

From subdomains to Talking Names 

Our subdomains are context giving, SEO perfecting empowering digital assets, making normal domains even more valuable and even billable.
Usually subdomains are an extension of ordinary domain names. Example becomes Wiki on subdomains 

Names are digital assets, some are NFTs valued like properties and art pieces, like shares and way more consistent than crypto currencies.

Some names are digital brand assets, they are a basis one can build a business on. NFTs are 100% unique, can be owned by one holder only, privatly and publicly. They can be self-hosted, sold and traded. They cannot be copied but legally claimed under trademark and or IP rights depending on your local jurisdiction.

Talking Names

Your home address for internet & metaverse.

It´s your home address for the internet and metaverse.

Example:, Such phrases and even sentences are domain names at the same time. You have a home address where you live? Now you get a home address for your online lifestyle as well. Imagine your name stands before "" or "", or "". Voila! It´s your internet name! Find all Talking Names 

An exclusive 100% unique name for everything online.

Check the example page to know your options: Get Homy. | Redirect to a web site, to your social media accounts to applications or other internet functions. Adds: Email addresses, virtual phone numbers and a growing number of services that make your name shine and your digital lifestyle ultra easy.

Check the prefered domain and add the words/names/phrase you like before and after this domain name.

Example: You like "". Just put your "grandma-angie." before and you will get: or extended: This phrase or sentence is a regular domain name for the internet. There are no limits for creativity and marketing.

1. Order the name you want.
2. Connect it.

In general you can order any name.
Get Homy, your home for internet and metaverse.
Connect your name/s to a web site, an application, a social media account or other internet functions.
Inside the account you / the presentee can set payment details and the redirects.

Sell TNs with your brand
Sell TNs under Xtr

TNs are designed for business with luxurious margins, automated real-time production and life-time customers.
White lable partners create their very own margins and business models. | Sales partners under Xtr participate with up to 85% per sale.

Homy Pages

Your online home.

Homy gives virtual homes to anyone and anything, anywhere and for any event.

Visit and see: Homy is an ultra simple digital service. Similar to our homes in the analogue world Homy delivers homes for the virtual world for online activities on the internet and for the metavers. Anyone can set up profile pages.

An online account plus a single web site for each user.

Single users benefit from a self-service platform. Group and business users can be admininistered by an admim account as well. The online account page enables to change entries and settings of the personal page 24/7 in real time. Just follow the online form steps; no programming or code skills required.

The name you like.

Follow the Talking.Name link while ordering at Homy. Your Homy will automatically be connected with the domain name you havere ordered. | In case you already have a name please follow the instruction of your domain name provider to connect with your Homy page.

Like any other web site, just way more easy.

Homy is a digital home, a personal gateway, a communication platform, a virtual name card.
Use is for you personally, for your family, a group and community, for business and corporations.
It is designed as profile page where you can set links to services you use, like Messenger, phone numbers, Youtube channels, eMail addresses.
Additionally you can publish messages, statements, status updates visible for anyone, your audiences.