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Xtr provides a name engine as a platform service. Unlike others we empower business partners to own a their platforms via our one-stop shop integration, which gives you a digital assets management system under your control. This gives you automated processes for shops, fulfillment, CRM, invoicing, etc. leaving your hands free for sales action. This is our partner slogan: Just sell! Xtr handles the rest. The industry packages provide in depth services for: Brands | Marketing | VIPs & Art | Connect | Identity | Security | SEO | Ads | CRM. We lower the bar for everyone getting digital without efforts and prior knowledge, without major investments in money and time. Everyone should become a full member of the online community in less than ten minutes. Brand authority is another result of the AOS in terms of online-active stories, context, brandless branding. Therefore we invented the neuro-logic naming, which helps speeding up the decision processes of customers, members and audiences. Bottom line is: XPartners gain tools to reach 7B+ people and unlimited things, experiences and places.


Grab more digital asseets, like names for life, personal branding, identity for everyone, affordable and all inclusive. Means, the name page in addition to your 100% personal and unique name is included as automated web site generated by our AOS (Assets Operations System). This name page shows the information you want to publicly share. Now you literally have ultimate control plus powerful privacy tools at your fingertips. Contacts and people searching for you will love your digital identity as they clearly can find you in no time and connect the way they like. It´s more than a web name card, it´s your personal full-fledged communication center. Did you know that you can name everything? Yes, you can provide online access to pets, things, events, places and everything valuable to you. The Connect Pac takes care of two things: Privacy and accessiblity. While you keep your existing digital services you can secure them and have everything at one place from now on. Your name page provides all ways to connect with you for visitors and those searching for you. Beyond your name page is your online stage, inclusive video-meetings, chat, calls, SMS texts and a personal broadcast channel with just your name.