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Get Names for Life and Business

Domains for sale, lease and rent. Names that give on/offline identity is Xtr´s business. Extra domain deals, talking names, smart .com addresses that work on the internet and in the metaverse alike, plus on print and homy sites is what we love and share. We consider names as digital assets. Well chosen they represent a territory, claim an industry and express meaning to the world. Let catchy names be the engaging story for old and new audiences. Xtr entered the NFT naming space to upgrade digital art and helps monetizing creators even better. Beside endusers, marketing and brands will get the best results gaining greater social reach and relevance.


Identity, privacy matters for you, for business and for administrations. The digital age, the rise of virtual realities challenges the end users, suppliers of IP based services, governments, tax administrations and the huge platform services alike. Xtr offers business models and technologies meeting critical needs by helping the individual, the single user first.
Another game changer fact is: Xtr simplifies, unifies the on/offlline worlds inclusive the metaverse and blockchain realms. Privacy in the hands of the users has become reality for the entier data stream. While users do not have to change a thing they can also switch entirely on a life time basis. Xtr inherits nearly all on/offline ways to communicate and secure privacy. Extreme personal can become the rightful normal again.
Getting your own name, controlled by you also means personal business. You can trade names on the Xtr trading platform. The Xtr.Directory gives a mighty starting point to crawl through the many topics of life we cover.
Since Q1 2022 HOMY gives a home on the intenet, for the metaverse and even offline: is an example of how anyone can set up a place like a physical home where everything is under one roof: Your phone number, your postal address, your email address, social media, .. simply your name as your place to connect, to get found and to say: "Hello world ..!"


Communication tools for marketing and brands, for communities and corporations boost social reach, claim the territory of your industry and give new natural customer relationships. Xtr covers the major areas of life: Social | Health & Wellbeing | Tech & Media | Work & Business | Finance & Wealth | Zones & Places of Interest | Luxury & Beauty. As platform provider selling and trainding names is a core feature first for business partners. Punchy names help to protect, extend or even enter new market positions.
Extra revenues and extreme margins: Unlike most marketing strategies this one generates direct income on a life time basis. Especially the Marketing Names deeply help becoming part of the customers daily life, to connect to followers and fans permanently and extra strong.
Domains for life, marketing, brands and earnings builds an entire business cycle for startups and complements established businesses for rounding up their digital transformation.
There four ways to join in: Buy names | Lease or Rent names | Multiply names | Sell names. The Multiply option automates the production of 1000s of names out of one. Selling names includes the name rental business towards private users, brands and businesses. Xtr - as platform provider - manufactures digital assets and therefore opens and covers an entirely new value stream.