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Get xtr loud, xtr visible and xtr on-top.

.com is Queen

Get most names inclusive .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .me. That´s how we help claiming your brand territory in a traditional way. Strong and iconic brands for the digital and real world.


grab your name

Emporer Class with Talking Names

For people and the internet.
Create extremely personalised experiences with readable/clickable/tappable/printable/speakable phrases for users and machines. No clutter, no tails, just the hitting keywords. You feel the magnetic magic? Let´s make the internet plain and simple again. Get inspired:

For.Family | New.Flights | Grabs.Coffee | Rents.Homes


grab your name

Extend Your Territory

Name families strenghten even enlarge your position against competitors, copy-pasters and free riders. Gain a more robust legal position and start being hyper accessible. Let potential users find and recognise you xtr easy.



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Extreme Extra!

Claim your ground in the media world and digital realm. We help finding perfect plots and best positions out there. Perfect brand names and distribution strategies boost your message, your products and your business.
Once you have claimed your property we can help making the best out of your new position as well: Websites, mobile apps and global roll-outs of digital products, ... nearly everything in a single step for you.


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The Team

Our roots are back in 1995. The telecom market in Europe and North America. The rise of coding and communication radically changed everything. Our expertise assembles knowledge on five continents and diverse industries. What makes us unique? We unify, we defragment, we deliver one-stop-shop solutions for the communication world.
Let your ideas flow. We help transporting your results to co-f(o)unders, partners and customers. is just another way finding us.

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