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Get xtr loud, xtr visible and xtr on-top.

.com is Queen

Get most names inclusive .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .me. That´s how we are boosting your brand authority in a traditional way. Strong and iconic brands extra loud and extremely visible for digital and real worlds.


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Emporer Class with Talking Names

Create extremely personal experiences with readable/clickable/tappable/printable/speakable online names for users and find engines. No clutter, no tails, just the hitting keywords. Let´s make the internet simple again and keep the metaverse plain. Grab your name inspiration:


grab your name

Extend your Territory

Going digital made profitable and lean. Profitable, because our platforms manufacture digital assets complementary to your core business. Such assets meet customers needs and upvalue your products and services. Lean, because we designed it the one-stop shop way: You sell, the platform handles the rest. Now you have an earning digital ecosystem that gives you wings.


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Extreme Extra!

Xtr is the new normal. Extremely communicative and extra personal are our business genes. With this power we help businesses claiming their ground in the media worlds and digital realms. From personal branding to global brand authority, from marketing as profit centers to new logic income streams, we provide an experienced team and proven technology. B2B focused we generally provide the technical arm in everything digital.
Start-ups get a ready all-inclusive ecosystem.
Grown businesses get docked via APIs, SDKs and other connecting techologies.
Users win unified communications as everything to connect and to get loud and visible comes from a single source, finally.


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The Team

Our roots are back in 1995. The telecom market in Europe and North America. The rise of coding and everywhere-connectivity radically changed everything. Our expertise assembles knowledge from four continents and diverse industries. Xtr.Name is a spin-off of the Network Service Holdings HK Limited located in Hong Kong. With more than 1.6M international SIM cards for global roaming and up to 12M active users on our platforms we are active contributors in the digital change. What makes us unique?

We unify and deliver one-stop-shop solutions for everyone and anything that communicates.

Xtr´s grab your name and your name page adds the name engine, the page engine to the already existing Assets Operations System (AOS).

Let your business ideas flow and we help transporting your visions and plans to the real world. Try us!

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