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Names are identity and like property. They provide tradable and personal values. Xtr manufactures digital assets.
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We provide .com domain names and domains of all TLD endings.

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Lease names

Get names at low initial costs on a long-term basis from 12 months on.

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Use names on a short-term basis up to 12 months, weekly or monthly.

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More than 50% profit share for system houses, marketing agencies, market places, domain broker.

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Identity | Branding | Virtual Property


Our Assets Operations System creates new value streams and provides the earning ecosystem for our clients and partners.

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Digital assets

Values and properties are on their ways into virtual worlds (VR). Xtr supports individuals and businesses on their digital journey. Names give identity, branding and accessibility. The Xtr platform allows individuals to create their very 100% unique and self controlled identity within a few minutes, ultra affordable and on a life time basis. Brands boost their reach and build robust value driven relationships with audiences, customers, followers and members. Personal became real personal.


Find your name for life! Unlike your home address you can rent a digital home address, where everything is 100% you. This gives identity controlled by you. Names are digital property that can be traded like realestate. | The name shop allows the creation of names out of millions of possibilities within minutes. One domain name allows the multiplicaton of thousands. | Homy gives the all including profile page perfecting the perfect name. | The trading platform allows private users selling names to anyone. Extra moneys! | How to order? As private user you have two options: Buy the intire domain name and get the transfer code. Rent/lease the name you like. Renters rent names on a weekly, monthly basis with no strings attached. Leasers lease names annually and even longer. | .com internet names are the queens of course, while our Talking Names are the future emporere class: Slick, keyword based, extendable and no clutter pure content. Even the offline print version is an eye-catcher.


Provide identity to endusers and the leading brands. Create virtual property for trading. Names provided by you stick with you on a life time basis. | Help marketing for generating direct income and getting simple = affordable again. | Serve the new virtual, the internet 3.0, the metaverse without getting entangled by the sheer complexitiy. Xtr is a one-stop-shop provider for servcie generating platformss, the user reaching connectivity and the delivering applicatons. | Buy or lease the root name. | Multiply creates many names out of one name, which is perfect for brands, marketing, communities and large enterprises. | Marketing Names make you the owner many names you can create - use - dispose in real time. | How to benefit from Xtr extra smart? Rent a name platform under your brand. Service any industry in any country world wide. | Leasing names: Business partner leasing names can sub-lease w/o the Xtr platform. | Brands extend their territories via brandless branding.