Own Your Value Streams

All buildung blocks for your digital success.

Names & Identity

For everyone and anything as

    Personal branding

    Brand authority builder

    Basis for communication

    Clearly assignable digtial addresses

    Exclusive personal assets


Unifying platforms and applications include:

    Connectivity via GSM | 4-5G | WiFi.

    Applications that connect people, services and things.

    One-comfort for users and providing partners.

    Talking Names gives communicative online addresses.

    Names and name pages as personal online homes.

Service Delivery

One-stop shop services for customers and providers.

    Automated online pages for any purpose.

    Cross platform and brand neutral applications.

    Automated and personal CRM.

    Automated international invoicing.

    Earn while others chat, talk and use the internet.

New Social Media

The new gold standard in connecting people.

    All inclusive to call anyone anywhere worldwide.

    All inclusive to securely share moments and media.

    All functions on a single platform and in a single app.

    Earning ecosystems for your digital success

    Keep existing accounts at Meta, Google, Line, WeChat, etc.

All-In Hosting

Managed by a single installation.

    Accredited co-locations in your region.

    W/o global connectivity via GSM | LTE | WiFi.

    Automated fulfillment and invoicing incl. VAT.

    Automated CRM incl. ticketing.

    Earning ecosystems for your digital success.

Own your value streams

Platforms provided by Xtr manufacture digital assets and control the life cycle of customers and products.


All building blocks for a digital business and platform service from a single source would be perfect and is there. Therefore you just have to sell while Xtr handles the rest. What do you need to sell online? A name, a brand. A website and shop for the products. A billing and fulfillment system. The online delivery module vie web browsers or apps. The CRM and help system. We even can provide the mobile connectivity in 160+ countries. Now imagine, this all comes from one provider. Voila! More platform information comes from Network Service and it´s sales organization Conect.One.


Deliver new values to potentially 7B+ people. The new property is the ultra personal online space under just the users name, which is 100% exclusive and unique. It can be traded like realestate. Beside the name shop everyone can trade names as digital assets. | Unified services will be the future as unnecessary fragmentation is unnatural. Therefore Xtr has gathered all ways of communication in one platform and delivers via the different apps like for iPhones, Android phones, desktop apps. Now consumers don´t need multiple programms on their phones and computers but just one.